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SimVoi Questions and Answers

In Windows Excel, why doesn’t the menu item appear in the Add-Ins ribbon, and why doesn’t the add-in respond to the shortcut key?
In July 2016 Microsoft released a security update which may affect downloaded XLA and XLAM add-in files with Windows Excel. After you load the add-in XLAM file, if the menu item does not appear in the Add-Ins ribbon and the add-in does not respond to the shortcut key, quit Excel. Use your file manager to navigate to the add-in XLAM file on your local drive. Right-click the XLAM file, and choose Properties > General. If there is an option to Unblock, click the checkbox and click OK. Then launch Excel, and use Excel’s File > Open to load the XLAM file, or follow the instructions for installation. For more information, see

In Windows Excel 2007 & 2010 & 2013 & 2016, what is the shortcut key to run SimVoi?

In Mac Excel 2011 & 2016, what is the shortcut key to run SimVoi?

In Mac Excel 2016, how do I specify cells and ranges in the SimVoi dialog box?
Currently the only way is to type the cell or range reference, e.g., B5 or B7:B11. The reference cannot be specified by the usual point-and-click on a cell or by a click-and-drag on a range of cells. The technical explanation is that the RefEdit control for a VBA UserForm does not yet work in Mac Excel 2016.

If you have Mac Excel 2011, we recommend using it instead of Mac Excel 2016. Mac Excel 2011 is a mature, stable product, whereas Mac Excel 2016 is an evolving product. If you must use Mac Excel 2016, be sure to obtain the latest updates.

How do I uninstall SimVoi?
If SimVoi has been installed so that it appears in the Excel Add-ins Available dialog box, uncheck the SimVoi item and quit Excel. Then move or delete the SimVoi XLAM file. The next time you run Excel, respond to the prompts about Excel not being able to find SimVoi.

How do I get a refund?
Uninstall SimVoi, delete all SimVoi files from your storage devices and computer, empty the Trash, and send an email to Mike Middleton <> stating that you have done so and that you request a refund.

In Mac Excel 2011, what can I do if I try to run a VBA add-in (TreePlan, SensIt, or SimVoi) and receive an error message like “Error in loading DLL,” “Excel could not open (the XLAM add-in file name) because some content is unreadable …,” or “Excel repaired or removed unreadable content from this workbook …”
See the discussion on our web page Cannot-run-XLAM-file-in-Mac-Excel-2011.

How do you pronounce “SimVoi”?
We pronounce “SimVoi” to rhyme with “Enjoy” with a slight emphasis on the first syllable.

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How to Install

1. Immediate Download: After you purchase, SWREG will send a confirmation email message to the email address you specified. If you do not see the email message within several minutes, check your spam and junk folders. The email message contains the URL where you can immediately download the software (as a compressed ZIP file). The download link will expire after 7 days from the time of purchase. Be sure to download the software immediately.

2. Extract from ZIP: After you download the compressed ZIP file from the SWREG web site, right-click (Windows) or double-click (Macintosh) the ZIP file to extract the XLAM add-in(s) and other files.

3. Install XLAM add-in: Delete old versions or any Trial version of the XLA or XLAM files from your computer. Installation is simple but is not automated. Refer to the extracted How-To-Install-Add-In PDF file for detailed installation instructions.

4. Guide: For software details and tutorial, refer to the Guide PDF file(s) extracted from the ZIP file.

5. Questions: If you have any questions, send e-mail to Mike Middleton <>.

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Recent Version History for SimVoi

Release Date
3.08 2017-12-18 Accommodate simulation variables that return a constant value
Detect cell error values in simulation results to avoid crash
3.07 2017-03-10 Add RandBeta and RandTriBeta random number generator functions
3.06 2016-06-26 Add workaround for Mac negative-valued XY chart axis title bug
Avoid persistent menu item on Windows Add-Ins ribbon
3.05 2016-02-02 Revise Mac Excel 2016 shortcut key reminder message
3.04 2015-10-09 Add truncated log normal random number generator function
3.03 2014-09-15 Fix run-time error problem for some Mac non-English formats
3.02 2014-07-11 Change Standard name to Pro with single-line menu items
Improve compatibility of value-of-information charts for some systems
Fix compile-error problem for some non-English versions
3.01 2014-04-26 Initial version for general release

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