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SimVoi provides random number generator functions as inputs for your model, automates
Monte Carlo simulation, computes value of information, and displays the results.

Your spreadsheet model may include various uncontrollable uncertainties as input assumptions. Examples are demand for a new product, uncertain variable cost of production, and competitor reaction. You can use simulation to determine the uncertainty associated with the model’s output (e.g., annual profit).

SimVoi automates the simulation by trying thousands of what-ifs consistent with your assessment of the uncertainties and displays the results in histograms, cumulative charts, bivariate scatter plots, and value of information charts.

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  • Save time by using SimVoi to automate Monte Carlo simulation.
  • Two ways to run SimVoi: quick launch for temporary use, or permanent installation.
  • Make informed decisions explicitly accounting for uncertainty.
  • Measure the value of obtaining information about uncertain assumptions.
  • Use Excel’s formatting commands to customize SimVoi’s charts.
  • Use SimVoi’s tables and charts to explain your analysis to clients and colleagues.

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  • SimVoi provides results for multiple variables on a single simulation run.
  • SimVoi can process more than a million trials for your simulation in an Excel XLSX workbook.
  • SimVoi creates bivariate XY Scatter charts for each pair of variables.
  • SimVoi estimates value of information for each uncertain input variable of your model.
  • SimVoi uses decision-analytic value-of-information to provide sensitivity analysis.

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How It Works

  1. Create a what-if spreadsheet model,
  2. optionally, use SensIt to identify critical input assumptions,
  3. enter one of SimVoi’s fourteen random number generator functions in each input cell of your model,
  4. choose Tools | SimVoi (Mac Excel 2011) or Add-Ins | SimVoi (Excel 2010 & 2013 & 2016),
  5. specify the model output cell, number of what-if trials, and other options,
  6. interpret SimVoi’s histograms, cumulative charts, and bivariate scatter plots, and
  7. optionally, use SimVoi’s value of information tables and charts for sensitivity analysis.

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SimVoi Dialog Box


SimVoi Univariate Summary


SimVoi Value Of Information Chart


SimVoi Bivariate Summary


SimVoi Bivariate Chart

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